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ApacheCon EU 2014

This year we’ll have an ApacheCon event in Europe again 🙂

Besides me going there, it is the first time I’m going to give a talk there. Of course it’s about Apache Karaf. It will cover how to do enterprise applications on Karaf. Main focus will be on architecture and where’s the difference to a enterprise application on a application server.

So anyone interested come by and meet me there. It’s going to be a fun time. Maybe we can have a beer or two 😉

A special thanks goes to my soon to be new employer CodeCentric for sponsoring me to attend this event.

Pax Web 4.0

Pax Web 4.0 has been released about a week ago. This version consists of more then 100 issues. So take a look at the key benefits of this version.

What’s important and new

This will give you a brief overview about the new and the important changes of Pax Web 4.0. 

JSP 2.2.

A lot has changed internally to support JSP 2.2 out of the box. JSF 2.1 can be used too, this has been back ported and introduced to the Pax Web 3.x line as well.

Apache Karaf Cookbook is published

I’m pleased to announce the Apache Karaf Cookbook is published.

Shipment of pre-ordered copies should start soon.


I’m so excited, we are finally DONE!
It’s been a great experience to write a book. 

I almost forgot to thank all the great reviewers for the great work in supporting us with their reviews.