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  • Enterprise Development with Apache Karaf, Slides online

    Just held my Talk about Enterprise Development with Apache Karaf at ApacheCon 2014 in Budapest. You’ll find my slides at SlideShare: ApacheCon EU 2014: Enterprise Development with Apache Karaf from Achim Nierbeck

  • ApacheCon EU 2014

    This year we’ll have an ApacheCon event in Europe again 🙂 Besides me going there, it is the first time I’m going to give a talk there. Of course it’s about Apache Karaf. It will cover how to do enterprise applications on Karaf. Main focus will be on architecture and where’s the difference to a…

  • Pax Web 4.0

    Pax Web 4.0 has been released about a week ago. This version consists of more then 100 issues. So take a look at the key benefits of this version. What’s important and new This will give you a brief overview about the new and the important changes of Pax Web 4.0.  JSP 2.2. A lot has…

  • Apache Karaf Cookbook is published

    I’m pleased to announce the Apache Karaf Cookbook is published. Shipment of pre-ordered copies should start soon. I’m so excited, we are finally DONE! It’s been a great experience to write a book.  I almost forgot to thank all the great reviewers for the great work in supporting us with their reviews.