Apache Karaf Cookbook is published

I’m pleased to announce the Apache Karaf Cookbook is published.

Shipment of pre-ordered copies should start soon.


I’m so excited, we are finally DONE!
It’s been a great experience to write a book. 

I almost forgot to thank all the great reviewers for the great work in supporting us with their reviews.

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3 Antworten zu „Apache Karaf Cookbook is published“

  1. Avatar von Tiago Dias
    Tiago Dias

    I just purchased your book hoping it will get me going with Apache Karaf. Congratulations for all your fantastic work!

    1. Avatar von anierbeck

      Thanks for the feedback.
      We tried our best to put as much value into those 260 Pages as possible. That’s why it’s sometimes best to match the chapters also to the sourcode to fully understand it.

  2. Avatar von Erwin

    BTW… the book has been a tremendous help getting me up to speed with OSGi and Karaf in particular.



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