Pax Web 1.1.0 Released

Ok, I just released another version of Pax Web.
This time it's a 1.1.0 with lots of improvements and also bug fixes.
A big thank you goes to all the people that did help with improvements.
and reported bugs 🙂

The major improvements with this release are:

– Form based login is suported
– Better support for JSF
– switch to SLF4J logging
– event notification for Servlets

Check out the change log at ops4j
to get more information about this release.

So what is coming next?

The next version of Pax Web will be a 2.0 with support for Servlet API 3.0 which depends on a release of Jetty 8.
also there will be some more focus on performance improvements. Though a good profiling tool could be handy here.
Support for web-jetty.xml for more customizing and application depending changes of jetty is planned.
Another vision I have is to add support for the Tomcat Webcontainer. Especially when working on the support of
Servlet API 3.0 this could be handy.

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2 Antworten zu „Pax Web 1.1.0 Released“

  1. Avatar von Jean-Baptiste Onofré

    It looks good to me. I guess that web-jetty.xml support will allow us to define VirtualHost ?

    1. Avatar von achim

      The web-jetty.xml support should allow us such adaptions

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