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Pax Web 2.0.0

It’s released, at last.
This release did consume quite an amount of time.
I started to work on Pax Web 2.0.0 in July 2011, about the same time
we bought our new house with lots of renovation to be done.
77 Issues where resolved with 2.0.0 of Pax Web.
I’d say about 5k lines of Code where added in this time, at lease
that’s what git tries to tell me 🙂
Take a look at the image from Git hub for the Code Frequency at github.

Lot’s of improvements where made to Pax Web, Bugfixes, new features and so on.
To get a better picture take a look at

Adding Custom Log-Appender to Pax-Logging

Pax Logging does use log4j as the underlying service layer to actually produce the „log files“. This little tutorial shows you how to add your own Log-Appender to the underlying log4j infrastructure and actually use it.

As a new Appender we do a specialized appender of the Roling-File-Appender that actually also zips the file after it’s been rolled over. This Appender was inspired by this blog

Pax Web 1.1.0 Released

Ok, I just released another version of Pax Web.
This time it's a 1.1.0 with lots of improvements and also bug fixes.
A big thank you goes to all the people that did help with improvements.
and reported bugs 🙂

The major improvements with this release are:

– Form based login is suported
– Better support for JSF
– switch to SLF4J logging
– event notification for Servlets

Check out the change log at ops4j
to get more information about this release.

So what is coming next?