Apache Karaf 2.1.0 is out

Hey, again there is a new version of Apache Karaf out. And again I did provide some patches:

  1. KARAF-125 – This was an issue with the webconsole, no patch provided
  2. KARAF-138 – provided patch after I already provided parts of the logic in 2.0
  3. KARAF-145 – Found an issue with the startup properies and how they are partially re-used. Added a “quick”-patch wich was used for “inspiration” 🙂
  4. KARAF-199 – Oh, boy, that one got me partially in trouble. Windows fooled me on how it handles the pathes of the different bundle artefact URLs retrieved from the fileinstaller bundle. If it is a standard file, no sweat works like a charm with standard slashes. If it is a jardir path it strongly depends on the file system. Because of me making a bug I had to redo this patch and even worse, had to stop the release process.

Just my two cents worth of contribution

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