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  • Accepted the invitation of Membership with the ASF!

    This is a WOW! thing. I just have been invited to join the Apache Software Foundation as member. Of course I accepted this right away :). I feel very honored to be part of this great community. I’m looking forward to participate even more as member, and maybe even  more other projects.  

  • Karaf 2.2.0 Released

    Finaly we have Karaf 2.2.0 out. That is great! After some drawbacks with the generation of the manual during the release stage it is finally released. About 180 Issues have been resolved with this Release.

  • Blocking system.exit in OSGi (Part IV)

    Hey, I finally made it. After seeking for more help on the felix list (didn’t help any) I got into the problem and solved it. Here is the complete set of what you need to get around the issue of an system.exit in your Bundle. First of all you need to configure the availability of…

  • Blocking system.exit in osgi (Part III)

    Hey, finally Felix is running with security also 🙂 No big changes needed. As mentioned before the org/apache/felix/ is neede within the startup config (Equinox didn’t need this one) The are setup only contain the entry and the only contain this:${karaf.base}/etc/all.policy An additional File called security.policy is also added…