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Testing Camel JPA routes with Pax-Exam and Karaf

This blog is about how to use JPA, CXF and ActiveMQ with Camel in a Karaf and how to do the testing best. I’ve had a couple of conversations about this already on IRC so here is my personal way of doing it best. You’ll find a sample of all of this in my repository at GitHub.

Project overview

Now to get things started a brief overview of how the structure of this project is.

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Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors II

With Pax-Web 3.0.0 it’s now also possible to bind web-applications to certain httpConnectors via the whiteboard extender, if you want to know how it’s done with a published war take a look at the previous post about this.

Assuming you do use the extended configuration for jetty as described in Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors, let’s move on to the actual work to bind your application to a specific HttpConnector vie WhiteBoard-Extender.

Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

just today I checked the latest download numbers from the central statistics for the pax-web project. It’s been good that I’ve been sitting already, cause a increase from 125.000 to more then 200.000 downloads, that’s quite impressive.

Thanks to all the people using Pax-Web, this number gives me faith in beeing on the right track with Pax-Web.

Bellow are just some graphics from the download statistics, as usual the three most important. All Artefacts downloaded (which is 200.000), all pax-web-jetty bundles (> 35.000) and all pax-web-jetty-bundles (the prebundled pax-web including jetty with around 4.000).

Just Annotation

Starting with version 2.0 of Pax-Web it’s possible to use Servlet 3.0 annotations for Servlets in a web application bundle (WAB). As defined in the Servlet spec it’s possible to have servlet definitions and configuration either in a web.xml or in the annotations of the Servlet. In this case the annotation of the servlet does override the configuration found in the web.xml. According to the servlet spec it’s even possible to skip the web.xml completely. That’s the part where Pax-Web 3.0 will kick in. Starting with version 3.0.0.M2 it’s possible to deploy a purely annotated WAB. It just needs a annotated Servlet