Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

just today I checked the latest download numbers from the central statistics for the pax-web project. It’s been good that I’ve been sitting already, cause a increase from 125.000 to more then 200.000 downloads, that’s quite impressive.

Thanks to all the people using Pax-Web, this number gives me faith in beeing on the right track with Pax-Web.

Bellow are just some graphics from the download statistics, as usual the three most important. All Artefacts downloaded (which is 200.000), all pax-web-jetty bundles (> 35.000) and all pax-web-jetty-bundles (the prebundled pax-web including jetty with around 4.000).

Pax Web all Downloads

PAX Web all downloads


Pax Web the pax-web-jetty bundle



Pax Web the all inclusive jetty bundle pax-web-jetty-bundle


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