More then 350.000 downloads for Pax Web

Now this is pretty amazing, just checked the recent download statistics at oss.sonatype and I have to say it’s pretty impressive.

Just within one year the downloads jumped from less then 150.000 to more then 350.000 downloads. That’s more then 200.000 more within the year for all org.ops4j.pax.web downloadable artifacts.

The same increase over the year can be found for the pax-web-jetty bundle. From about 20.000 downloads in November 2012 (I already thought of being pretty impressive), increased to more then 60.000 downloads in November 2013.

Thanks for using, it’s been a lot of fun enhancing Pax Web.

Testing Camel JPA routes with Pax-Exam and Karaf

This blog is about how to use JPA, CXF and ActiveMQ with Camel in a Karaf and how to do the testing best. I’ve had a couple of conversations about this already on IRC so here is my personal way of doing it best. You’ll find a sample of all of this in my repository at GitHub.

Project overview

Now to get things started a brief overview of how the structure of this project is.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-08-15 um 21.41.28

Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors II

With Pax-Web 3.0.0 it’s now also possible to bind web-applications to certain httpConnectors via the whiteboard extender, if you want to know how it’s done with a published war take a look at the previous post about this.

Assuming you do use the extended configuration for jetty as described in Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors, let’s move on to the actual work to bind your application to a specific HttpConnector vie WhiteBoard-Extender.

Integration in the cloude with Camel, Karaf and Cellar

This post is a summary of the presentation I held at the JAX 2013 in Mainz. It has been a real exciting experience for me to be a speaker at the JAX. I had this opportunity due to my new employer the Inovex GmbH, for which I’m very greatful.

The Goal of the presentation and therefore of this blog post is to show the possibilities of combining a integration solution like Apache Camel with a clustered Apache Karaf by using Apache Karaf Cellar.