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Integration in the cloude with Camel, Karaf and Cellar

This post is a summary of the presentation I held at the JAX 2013 in Mainz. It has been a real exciting experience for me to be a speaker at the JAX. I had this opportunity due to my new employer the Inovex GmbH, for which I’m very greatful.

The Goal of the presentation and therefore of this blog post is to show the possibilities of combining a integration solution like Apache Camel with a clustered Apache Karaf by using Apache Karaf Cellar.


Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

Pax Web breaks the 200.000 downloads barrier

just today I checked the latest download numbers from the central statistics for the pax-web project. It’s been good that I’ve been sitting already, cause a increase from 125.000 to more then 200.000 downloads, that’s quite impressive.

Thanks to all the people using Pax-Web, this number gives me faith in beeing on the right track with Pax-Web.

Bellow are just some graphics from the download statistics, as usual the three most important. All Artefacts downloaded (which is 200.000), all pax-web-jetty bundles (> 35.000) and all pax-web-jetty-bundles (the prebundled pax-web including jetty with around 4.000).