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  • Blog updated

    After my provider did a contract upgrade by himself for the hosting. I now was able to upgrade to a full version of the wordpress blogsoftware. Looks better now 🙂 Hope you Enjoy it.

  • Talk at Karlsruhe JUG

    Apache KarafBeen giving a talk about Apache Karaf and OSGi yesterday at the Karlsruhe JUG. It’s been a blast. Lot’s of feedback and interest in Karaf. Will Blog about it more especially about the Demo App a Dynamic Vaadin App I showed last night later. Slides can be seen here Slides

  • OSGi like IKEA?

    wow, what an interesting comparison 🙂 see Neil Bartletts blog

  • OSGi Blogs

    OSGi are we there yet? – http://martijnverburg.blogspot.com/ Java Modularity: – http://java.dzone.com/articles/modularity-hard-lets-do-jigsaw