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Monitoring Apache Cassandra with Apache Karaf

If you’ve seen my latest blog posts on the company blog about how to build an IOT analytics platform with the SMACK stack, you’ve seen how I used my second favorite Apache product Apache Cassandra to store spatial data.
This Blog is about my favorite Apache product Apache Karaf, and how easy it actually is to build a Monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra as being part of the SMACK stack.
For all people not nowing about the SMACK stack, it’s actually a combination of great Apache Produkts:

  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Mesos
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Kafka

Embedding Apache Cassandra – The technical aspect.

This post is an add-on to the post I just recently did at codecentric AG. The scope of this additional post is to narrow down on some of the technical aspects that needed to be done to have the showcase running inside Karaf 4.0.0.

Pax-Web 4.1 what’s next

The next version of Pax Web is about to be released. Time to take a closer look at what’s going to be included with it.  First of all it it’s a minor version update, so it’s mainly upgrades for the underlying containers. Jetty is upgraded to version 9.2.5, one of its features is the support for Servlet 3.1 API (JEE7).

Tomcat is upgraded to version 8.0.14. Because there is no OSGi version of it available a Pax Tipi Project takes care of the OSGi-fied version of it. Thanks to this updated it’s now possible to also support JSP 2.3.1 with Jasper in version 2.2. Due to this Apache MyFaces 2.2.6 and higher is supported (JSF-2.2).