Pax Web in the year 2012

Now, that the year 2012 is over, it’s time to sum up the last year on what happened. Gather some statistics and a give an introduction of what is on the road-map for the next year.

What did happen in 2012

A quick overview of the timeline in 2012


The last release of Pax Web in December 2011 was 1.0.8 which was a bug-fix release which was very important for Pax Web, it’s been a good foundation for all others to come. In January Pax Web in version 1.1.2 was released this has been an important bug-fix release, It contained about 30 fixes.


In April Pax Web in version 1.0.9 has been released which just proves the maturity of the project.


May has been a very active Month, 4 bug-fix versions have been released 1.0.10 and 1.0.11 together with 1.1.3 and 1.1.4. The amount of bug-fixes also gives a good impression on how it’s used and supposedly how stable Pax Web seems to be.


This had been a very important month for Pax Web. Version 2.0.0 had been released, this was the first version of Pax Web supporting Servlet API 3.0 and the latest Jetty Server.
It took almost a year to resolve those 77 issues.


In July the first bug-fix releases for the 2.0 line with a sum of 7 bug-fixes.
Based on 2.0 it didn’t take long for a 2.1 to show up. New features had been introduced as for example Web Virtual Hosts, which makes it possible to bind Web Application Bundles (WAB) to a certain Virtual Host.


In October the End Of Life (EOL) for two version lines has been announced, the long working though stable version 1.0.x and the not so long but new version 2.0.x which has been superseded by the much feature richer version 2.1.x.
Also in October Versions 1.1.5, 2.0.3 and 1.0.12 have been released.


Concentrating on a 2.1.x line did show it’s success in November, 2.1.1 has been released  containing about 14 needed bug-fixes.


In December Pax Web did receive a long needed bug-fix as it seems. There has been an issue with configuration changes. This did result in a 2.1.2 which is quite stable now.

While working on a stable 2.1.x and 1.1.x line, the Pax Web team also has been working on a 3.0 trying to introduce an alternate Web-Container. This Work started around June and was pushed by a nice impulse right in the beginning. Some contributions through the community. A first preview version of it has been released already a 3.0.0.M1. The 3.0.0.M2 is soon to come.

Statistics of 2012

The download statistics show a nice increase over time on how Pax Web has been used over the  last year.

Though those number represent all versions and all artifacts of Pax Web it’s still impressive. At the peak of November Maven Central registered a total of more than 120,000  downloads.

Downloads of pax-web-jetty

The next and the following chart will try to break those numbers down a bit more. The first is showing just the downloads for all pax-web-jetty artifacts, while still taking into account all of the versions available.

Downloads of pax-web-jetty-bundle

This is probably the most interesting statistics. We do have a constant increase of usage of the jetty-bundle which is certainly used without Apache Karaf.


Lot’s of versions means a lot of issues. In the range of March 2012 to the beginning of January 2013 around 125 Issues have been created and also resolved. The Chart below tries to give you a impression of this.

Below is a nicely formatted table showing you the actual data behind this graph.

Period Created Resolved
March 2012 6 2
April 2012 10 11
May 2012 8 11
June 2012 9 8
July 2012 15 16
August 2012 13 14
September 2012 12 5
October 2012 16 20
November 2012 15 15
December 2012 12 7
January 2013 4 4


After interpreting all those statistics and looking at all the different version numbers. I’m proud to say: Pax-Web does actually provide value to people out there. It isn’t just for playing with OSGi and Web, the increase in usage does show the using community is actually quite big and increasing.

Preview of 2013 …

So let’s take a look at that glass micro-sphere. Most of the current effort is invested in  Pax-Web 3.0. It willl support such great things as CDI, thanks to Harald and his Pax-CDI project. Support for Tomcat is still in progress. Although only basic HTTP-Services are supported right now a fully featured version should be included in 3.0, if everything works out as expected ;-). A version 3.0.0.M2 is on it’s way and I think somewhere between the  first and the second quarter of 2013 will be a good place for a 3.0.0 Final.

… last words

I’m really proud of this Project and how the community did grow around it lately. After I stepped in to take the lead I was pretty much on my own, fixing issues and adding new needed functionalities. This has changed! The community is growing in numbers and so are the contributions. Thanks to all those people contributing in either working on the code or issues reporting.

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