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  • PAX Web 1.0.0

    Pax Web 1.0.0 is released Thanks to everybody supporting me on releasing 🙂 Check out Pax Web There have been quite some changes to Pax Web. I“m proud to say this is probably the best OSGi Web-Container environment out there. And it is pretty close to being OSGi compliant. For details take a look on […]

  • War-Fragments

    One last thing that just made it into Pax-web, WAB Archives can be Fragments. See PAXWEB-238 for more details. Permanent link to this post (20 words, estimated 5 secs reading time)

  • PAXWEB-210

    Just the other day I was able to finaly finish my work on PAXWEB-210. This took me a while, after the upgrade to Jetty7 the configuration of the SecurityRealm through the web.xml descritptor didn’t work anymore. 🙁 The issue on this has been, that the context of the application was already started. I was able […]

  • PAX-Web

    Just did finish most parts of the issue PAXWEB-210 I was working on now for about two weeks. While I was working on this issue I have seen a lot of code. That is one of the reasons why I was able to fix quite some bugs. I also added on requested improvement PAXWEB-193. I […]