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  • JavaMagazin articles online

    Thanks to my employer inovex my three JavaMagazin Articles are online. Unfortunately those are only available in German. Ein OSGi Container wird erwachsen (An OSGi container grew up) Karaf 3.0 im Enterprise – Aufbau einer JPA Anwendung (Karaf 3.0 in the Enterprise – How to build a JPA application) Webanwendungen mit Apache Karaf – Webvisualisierung im zusammenspiel mit Pax […]

  • Apache Karaf Cookbook

    We do have an expected publication Date for the Apache Karaf Cookbook! 14th August, 2014 Anyone interested in it and ready to order it, you will fine it here.  It has been a pleasure writing it and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed it writing. The […]

  • Working on Apache Karaf Cookbook

    The last couple of month I spent a lot of my private time on writing. Not so much on writing blog posts, but writing articles and a cookbook. The articles are about what’s new with Karaf 3.0, building an enterprise application with Karaf I and II.  These articles where and are going to be published […]

  • Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors II

    With Pax-Web 3.0.0 it’s now also possible to bind web-applications to certain httpConnectors via the whiteboard extender, if you want to know how it’s done with a published war take a look at the previous post about this. Assuming you do use the extended configuration for jetty as described in Bind certain Web-Applications to specific HttpConnectors, let’s move […]